jueves, 13 de mayo de 2010

I think I'm ready to talk now.

And they got me out of the room. With the promise that I would never have to go back if I told them what they needed. Such a dark room it was, that the black clutched my chest to my heart, and my heart to my stomach.

Such a dark room it was, that when the voice opened the door, I was blinded by the white, white light. Two hands grabbed my arms and pulled me through the light. It hurt, it burned.The light was so bright, I just could not manage to open my eyes.

But when I did, the rest of the room was darker. The single light was only lighting my face. It still burned.

- Could... could you please turn the light off?

I asked to the coarse man I knew was in the shadows, to the voice I've heard before.

- Liked the shadows, huh? But I'm guessing the food was not well, as you've decided to violate yourself. That mind of yours is quite a thing, don't you think?

I was tired. Hadn't eaten in days. The light was still hurting. I could do nothing but nod. He laughed.

- Ludicrous. So nice. What do you have for us today?

Was I doing the right thing? It was not proper. Half the world was sure I was crazy. The other half kept I locked in there, to pretend I was crazy, but to use me. An instrument, was all I served for. I had left so much behind I had almost forgotten about all human sense. All I had was the dreams to hold on. Those cursed dreams.

- TALK! Bloody schizofrenic... What are you waiting for? Hugs and pampers?! Go ask your mamma!!... Oops, I forgot. She's dead'n stiff. And you are the lamp-genie here!

I had a hand in my throat before I could touch his nose. Brought me back to my chair. Useless. Powerless.

- Next time you try to attack me, try to dream where I'm going first. Psycho. Maybe this has earned you a couple of years more in this place.

Menacing. But nothing could make me feel lower than I am. This hole's already showing me its bottom.

- Great. Can I get my drugs then? I am not able to sleep.

- Aww, and I just got the lights permanently off for you. Need a night light, darling?... You aren't useful to me in drugs, idiot. Now, talk Wiz.

Menacing again. But I couldn't care less.

- I don't think that my last dreams are useful to you. Maybe the drugs...

The fist crushed my nose bones. Blood streamed down. I did not noticed I was on the floor when the hand grabbed me with the neck to lift me again.

- You need a dream, huh? Well I'm givin'ya a dream...

I was on the air when I passed. I was on the air when I started running away.
It was looking for me and I ran to hide, to leave it behind. It was not dangerous. It was not a menace. I did not wanted to go back to it. I just needed to leave. I doubled a corner, and hid in the dark alley. It passed me.

Cold air filled my lungs in a rush. Bloodred eyes. Something was in my hand. Cold, thin and dangerous.

- Now you tell me what you dreamed.

A last quick move. Right on his back. Neck.

- Nothing for you, really. Just what I've been dreaming last days. 

It sank. Blood streamed all the way down to his elbow. The unknown I was trying to scape caught me, restrained me.

Then darkness once again. Time to sleep again.

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»»®ĶΔβẳŋ™«« dijo...

¡¡A huevo!! Lo acabé, me siento bien =)

Ahora entiendo el titulo... Me gustó, por qué le entendí, pero me gustó.

Empezaré a enfrentarme al inglés...

allizzia dijo...

Ahora las faltas ortográficas:

"The other half kept I locked in there"

Es "The other half kept
ME locked in there"

DvD dijo...

Pero se entiende, se entiende
Buen post... digo, sí le entendí ... ja ja
Esta molón

»»®ĶΔβẳŋ™«« dijo...

Sigo pensando que hubieras puesto "Walter" hubiese quedado chido...

...Dark Angel... dijo...

Noon chica, si sigues escribiendo en ingles, haras que mi cabeza explote porque, como no puedo dejar de leerte, tendre que pensar de mas, lo que nos lleva a que mi cerebro se sobrecaliente lo que terminara en una gran combustion espontanea...

Espera...morir leyendote...es una buena forma para morir...

...Dark Angel...

allizzia dijo...

DvD: Gracias!!

Chuy: Walter lo hubieran confundido con su nombre, no como un insulto, pues es en inglés. Capta. Dha. Por eso no lo puse.

DarkAngel: AAAy, muchas gracias!!!

Olivia dijo...

Nice. Me gustó mucho.

Morinakemi dijo...

Pero no te preocupes, al ratito que te vuelvas a dormir bajo tus dosis de drogas, probablemente te vuelvan a poner una golpiza...

... o no?

allizzia dijo...

Jajaja, buena esa.