jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010

But you can't help me now.

Yes, it was a long time ago. Months, that i don't remember your name.

Yeah, the last time, when we were together in the black. When we must've been cold and, even under the rain, we were warm.

When our lips caught together. On the green grass, under the black rain. When we were as near as we could be with each other.

And then, I had to go.

Our eyes crossed, we entered our eyes. They were different goodbyes.

Your smile faded a little, because you knew what I meant. You almost knew.
And my smile grew a little, as you started to understand.

Just a corner of it all.

Our tangled hands abruptly came apart. Tears from the sky fell down. Our tangles eyes came apart, sadly. Knowing. A promise to never be kept.

The world was ours for a moment. And when I left, I forgot.

Forgot you, and the moments.

Yes, it was a long time ago. Months, that I don't remember your name.

Hace como cuarentaycuatromil años que no hacía esto. No se quejen. De hecho, era mi estilo. Atte. La autora.

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...Dark Angel... dijo...

Nice...So fucking nice...

...Dark Angel...

allizzia dijo...

Well, thank you... Said she.

»»®ĶΔβẳŋ™«« dijo...

Cierto... hace mucho no hacías eso.

¿¡pero por qué en ingles!? |

allizzia dijo...

Al idioma era el que me refería.

Acabo de encontrar un cuento (en inglés) que hice para una revista escolar (la recuerdas? la primerita que hicimos en clase de inglés).

Me parece una historia genial.

Siempre la quise hace un cortometraje o algo así.

DvD dijo...