martes, 16 de noviembre de 2010

Non existent.

I loathe dark nights.
They make me remind how far you are.
Lights are extinguished. 
But shadows are following me.
They come out of nowhere.
They like playing around me.
These noises in the bushes scare me bad.
They make my heart jump.
They make me jump. 
Walking becomes running, 
as my steps create an echo in the night.
Then, light. 
Light goes it's passing way. 
Darkness comes again, slower.
Lamps go out, one by one.
I'm all alone.
I'm all alone, and I know.
But I don't feel it.
'Cause the world is alive around me.
And the bushes move.
And the shadows move.
And the darkness moves.
And I move. I run.

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Let me be the light that shine on you.