martes, 17 de junio de 2014


So, to be honest, I've never regretted many things. I don't think anything was a really big mistake. Shit happens, yea, but I think I can manage with all those little fuckups.

I would die tomorrow, I really would. Yes, I have so many plans and so many things to see and people to fall in love with. I don't mind. I had a nice life. I never regretted many things. A year ago, I was prepared to die. 

I had so many things, so many people to take care of, still, I wanted to die. I got up, I did some, I talked, I sang, I even danced sometimes. Deep down, I really wanted to be gone.

Now it's so different. I made some decisions I deemed important. I tried to think up, pretend more, put some color on the face, have a little iniciative. Nobody caught up on me, I think. 

Truth is I stopped to see what was really to be done. And I don't really know it. I just want to want something that I will grasp it so hard and feel like it should never go, and it grasping me too. I felt like dying but now i feel like there's something impossible I need to discover. 


And it is such a hard task to even begin.

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