sábado, 6 de diciembre de 2014

A broken doll

This world makes me feel like a broken doll. One is born a pretty baby, and develops a pretty girl, a very smart child. Next there are the dreams of becoming the most boom future... and then, nothing.

A life of lies. A world of lies. Danger. Evil. Healthlessness. Mortal sickness. Hunger. Work.

No god.

A handsome person with a smart tatoo on a toe getting nothing, surviving, having nothing to understand. Broken dolls keep on functioning with a smile on their faces, some ripped hair, missing pieces and, most of the time, still standing in the corner, feeling like everyone's playing but itself.

We are all broken dolls in this world made of hope and despair. 

Please, come play with me. Make me feel like I'm worth it.

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